The WENDETIERE reveal in a playful way where our meat comes from. Once you have turned the shell, the animal will show its inner life: on the left flank the meat parts and on the right its respective typical dishes. 
The WENDETIERE play with a present taboo topic and want to react to the estrangement to our food culture. 
It is about our relationship to nutrition, especially to meat today. And therefore the WENDETIERE are about the relationship between humans and animals.
A double layer of genuine leather and wool felt composes the WENDETIERE. One punching that is sewed with an elastic thread makes the three-dimensional animal body. The heavy but flexible structure of the sandwich construction makes the turning process possible by being stabile at the same time. Every piece measures around 30 cm x 17 cm x 10 cm.
The WENDEKUH and its fellows, the WENDESCHWEIN and WENDESCHAF are playful teaching aids, for day-care centres, schools, or children’s rooms. They are intended for people up to three years. But their place can also be in the kitchens, on the dinning tables, on butcher’s counters or in restaurants.

One day in a German day-care centre the following situation occurred. It was midday and the children had lunchtime. Everybody got its plate. The carer served the dishes and asked the kids to guess what they will eat today. The group recognized that they have besides rice, carrots, peas and sauce, meat on the table. The educator wanted to know where the meat comes from. The children said, “From the supermarket.” “But where does it come from actually?” “From the supermarket!” Then the educator revealed, “Today we will eat a cow!” The children started laughing and replied that this could only be nonsense.
Seeing this real scenario it was obvious for me to design something that reacts to the problematic of our unconsciousness towards food and its origin. Something that helps to form an individual and informed decision on what we want to eat or not, something that helps to connect humans (again) to their environment.