Statement, art or object of lust? This aesthetically pleasing sex toy is conceived to help normalize our ideas on lust. Bastiaan believes lust is as normal as feeling hungry or thirsty, and the attributes people use to indulge it need not be hidden away. He has created a toy for women which are visually striking yet ready to use. The Grandfather Clock is a wind-up vibrator made of durable materials: the brass and metal clockwork is visible through the hand made glass and held in place with a ebony wood. Your eye is drawn to it, what about your body?

My designs are on the edge of art and function, which makes that a dialogue arises, this making sexual taboos discussable. The normalization of ordinary sex toys in my opinion, contributes to the breaking of taboos around sexuality. Shining a light on the dark sides of sex challenges people to make bedroom secrets discussable. The aesthetic design contributes to the normalization of the toy itself. It is not only the freak who ventures into this,but also our everyday neighbours who exhibit this toy in their livingroom as a piece of art, a statement or a lust object.