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March 15, 2016 - No Comments!

The moment selections are made: An insight into the pinkdot Jury Day 2016.

The doors of erstererster in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg open with the smell of fresh coffee and more than 130 submitted design-objects welcoming the jury members Nils-Holger Moormann, Jennifer Reaves, Max Borka, Pascal Johanssen, Christof Flötotto, Ania Bauer and Sophie Lovell.

Quickly the jury explores the various approaches on the topic „Relationship to Things“ (Dingverhältnis) submitted by designers from all over the world. For the first round, some prefer to look through them all on their own, highly concentrated; extremely focussed - others group up in teams. For round two all object-prints left are pinned at the walls of erstererster Gallery, giving a whole visual impression of the variety of interpretations the young designers created. At this point the jury individually discusses every object, sometimes with amazement, sometimes very seriously they reveal notably ideas. The process of seperating from submissions is not at all simple, but there is no other way. 

After a super-delicious and beautiful lunch, made by Knedl, the last phase of the selection-process is starting. All the perspectives of the jury come together into a sea of ideas, where it is never easy to snag the „best fish“; where it needs time and going forward and back; where it needs different opinions and arguments until the diverse jury comes to a common and shared decision. But negotiating, perspective-changes, and debating always is worth the effort. At the end of the day the Jury and the pinkdot team can pop the corks for the five winners of the pinkdot contest „Relationship to Things“. All of them did great work in combining conceptional thinking with design and will be exhibited at Salone del Mobile on Milan Design Week from 12th till 17th of April 2016.